How do I use...

How do I use advanced duplicator. I know that I put the .txt file in data/adv dup, but how do I use it in game?
Thanks, and, when you answer, go step by step, like you’re talking to a chimp.

IS all ingame! but…

  1. Select your contraption with right click. contextual menu (C key by defaul)
  2. select the server folder, so it saves on the server.
  3. just click save.
    Is really easy.

And, it is just immediately put into my weapons or vehicles tab?

No, is saved into a folder. in txt

How do I use it in the game then?

To save:
Get Adv Duplicator tool.
Right click your contraption (Hold shift and right click to select multiple entities that are not constrained)
Hold Q or C.
Find the folder you want to save it in.
Click Save, type in a name for your contraption.

To load:
Get Adv Duplicator tool
Hold Q or C
Find the folder you saved it in
Click Open
Click the ground to spawn it.