how do i UV map in 3dsmax?

I know how to in wings3d, but 3dsmax (which is a horrible cluttered program that i am only using because i will need to be able to use this program that makes the user waste time taking 400 steps to do something that a free program does in 2 steps and is probably why it takes years and millions of dollars to make a videogame if i ever want a job in game development) has me confused. Can’t figure out what to do.

Here’s how i do this in wings3d

Is it possible to use this method in 3dsmax in less than 800 steps?

Professionals use Wings3D. It’s okay to UV in that. I e-mailed some people who worked at Valve and they said they used it occasionally for shit.

Anyways, in Max create a modifier called Unwrap UVW. The Modifiers tab isn’t hard to find. On the right, the Unwrap UVW thing should be open. Click “Edit” on whatever’s UV you want to edit. It takes some time getting used to and figuring out what’s right for what type of model, but honestly all I can suggest is fiddle with the Format Mapping and Box Mapping stuff above. There’s selection tools at the bottom of the UVW edit thing somewhere. If you need pictures or something I’ll get them later.

But can i not manually unwrap?

Of course you can. Select the faces you want and use the planar tools to get them aligned, then press quick planar or the special shapes cylindrical mapping.


When in Unwrap UWV modifier of course.

can’t i just click edges and have it unwrap it using the selected edges as cut-points?