How Do I View Admins On Evolve?

"Hello, I want to do an admin clean up on my server, but there are some admins who have been made admin by other people. I use Evolve but I don’t use it that often (I like to use the OA admin system instead). How would I view a list of everyone that is admin on Evolve?

Thank you for your time."

You don’t have to ban me for simply asking a question. An answer would be more appreciated than an unnecessary ban, thank you.
-James M.

Nice, now my thread got locked, right?

You got banned for a reason. Remember to read the stickies, and you’re just acting like a 10-year old now.

Acting like a ten year old because I just asked a question and believe that I got banned for the wrong reason? I think not. Why not simply state what I did wrong instead of treating me like a troll or spammer and banning me the same way you would ban them? Also, if you aren’t going to be useful and answer the question, don’t post at all please. Thanks.

Go on the Evolve website and read documentation about this addon.