How do I view console information from a different user account?

There’s 2 of us working on this one box. We both use a different user account. He has the server console and I’d like to have a shadow console (or something of the sort) running on my user account. Anyone know the solution?

I looked into stuff like HLSW, but that just tells me what I’ve typed in. I need a console so I can view errors and code without having to ask him what the errors are or d/c him to view the console.

Thanks. =D

Add startup parameter -condebug (- Logs all console output into the console.log text file) to write a console.log on garrysmod folders. Then you can read that to see the latest console output.
If you are ingame you can use this:

Thank you sire.

Your assistance will be of much use to my colleague and I! =]