How do I wait in line for a beta key?

The title pretty much sums up what I want to know. Just a list of things I would like to know.
1: Will there be any future keys given out? Or do I have to just wait.

2: If question one was a Yes: How do I sign up, and if I do get one how do I report bugs?

3: Is there a way to report people if you don’t have the game, I’ve seen spammers in chat from video’s.
I know people are asking, ohh I want a beta key because I want to “test” the game and stuff.
But I would like to know when it’s possible to enlist to get a beta key, or if it’s even possible.
Also posting “just wait god we get a million of you people a day.” doesn’t help anyone.
They get banned and aren’t sure why most the time just post a link to faq’s.

you don’t do anything, you just wait for garry to post more keys if he ever does.

Stop asking for keys, jesus christ. How hard is it to understand?

He’s not asking for a key, he’s asking how you get a key which is a fair question as far as I can tell. It’s not like there’s a FAQ stickied here or on the website telling how it works.

Where does he post them? here? twitter? the actual website?

If your really Desperate download Unity3d and Make a clone of the game Considering the fact he used allot of the the Standard assets of unity and tree creators find some free models and throw in a little java script and you Have a clone im just pointing out Its very unfinished by the looks of it and You really shouldn’t waste your time worrying about it “YET” just saying.

You just put the unity development process (for most) in a nutshell.:zoid:

seriously? come on, man. the answer is just a google search away. why waste everyones time

I have an alpha key and I find that 'FAQ" to be a little shit. lol. Considering it was made by a user and not a staff member =/

Except the game is coded in C#…

First come first serve

Meh I was close enough you get the idea anyways

The difference between Javascript and any incarnation of C is like the difference between Coca Cola and the knockoff Western Family Cola.

I was meaning in selection Because there are only 2 options for coding languages in Unity.

Excuse me you forgot the other two… COPY & PASTE

Actually he isn’t asking for a key, he ask how to get one.
(i don’t know how to get one either)