How do I watch many of these videos full screen on iPad?

Many of these you tube videos I end up watching just 2/3 of the screen. Others actually go to you tube channel and I can watch full screen video.
How do I watch these other you tube vids outside the page they are imbedded in?
Is it an iPad thing?

(User was banned for this post ("this section is for discussing rust, not the forum layout" - postal))

What does this have to do with Rust? :v:

It sounds like you’re having issues watching Rust videos on your Ipad. Feel free to bring your Ipad into the nearest Apple store location and one of our friendly geniuses will be happy to show you how using an Ipad works.

They are Rust You Tube videos posted all over here silly.
Ones that have links and go to you tube are fine but the ones that open on the pages here get chopped , the left margin keeps the video from being seen in full. I am not able to see full video miss the right side of video.

-snip nevarmindez-

ahaha I get you dude… lol I had the same problem… just put ur hand in middle of the video and swipe left… once its fully to the left side tap the video so the options come up then click the little full screen button bottom right … good luck