how do i wipe all homesets of the server

hi i help to manage a modded server and i would like to know how can we wipe everyones homesets that there is. we dont wipe our map often but we feel we need to wipe all the homesets on our server. please can anyone help me?


Or delete and reinstall the plugin. Or delete the plugins configuration file “.json” is the file extension I believe. Same prefix as the actual mod. Dunno what the mod is called though

Deleting the mod (Teleportation) requires the server to be taken down as the server save the info even when removing all the files and installing them fresh again.

So easy and best solution is still just the /wipehomes as it clears the list of saved homes.

i have tried all of the above but i still have homesets any other Ideas?


I think you should ask your question at the oxide mod forum in the plugins section…