how do I wire something so it can be turned off with a master on/off button?

so far my turret is controlled with number pad inputs. I want to wire it up so I can turn off the number pad inputs with some kind of master switch so it wont work unless it has “power” figuratively. I’m doing this because I will have 2 num pad input controlled acf turrets using the I,J,K,L keys instead of W,A,S,D pod controllers and I want manual control while on the ground; not necessarily while seated inside of them.

an ‘and’ gate.

This is not Help & Support. Use the forum properly knob.

the help section is to ask questions on how to fix things and get them working properly. I can ask for suggestions that aren’t typical or important to play gmod. maybe if you knew how to use the forum properly, you would know that you can be banned for moderating other users when you are not a moderator.