How do make my model able to use c_ hands?

Hello everyone.
I made myself a weapon for Gmod,but instead of making my own viewmodel animations,I just rigged my model to a skeleton of a shotgun from Counter-strike Source.
But I want to see the hands of whatever character I am using at the moment,which i believe is called c_hands,and not the hands from CSS.
I can remove the CSS hands from the QC of the shotgun that i decompiled,but then ,even with SWEP.UseHands = true,I dont see the hands of my character.
I do believe that its like that because of the skeleton of the viewmodel,but alas i do not know how to fix that.
Please help.
Many Thanks.

There is a specific skeleton to make the c hands work (, you would have to reanimate those with your shotgun model and only export the skeleton and your weapon model as reference.

However you could try renaming the bones of the CSS arms to those of the c hands in case you dont want to reanimate everything, but I’m not sure if it will work.