how do make my own player model for gmod

Ii have been looking this up for a while now but cant figure out how to make mine plz help

You can skin existing player models, you can decompile npcs and recompile them with player animations, or you can model one and compile it with player animations.

The more info you type up, the better an understanding someone would have of what it is you want/ are trying to say, and the more likely someone is to help you.

Here’s a fast and dirty guide:

  1. Decompile a model, put ‘$includemodel m_anm.mdl’ into the QC, then recompile on the Valve skeleton.
  2. Place the model into …\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\models\
  3. Go to …\garrysmod\lua\autorun, create an new .lua file, then paste this inside and change it to your model’s name:

player_manager.AddValidModel( "Model Name", "models/model.mdl" )
list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "Model Name", "models/model.mdl" )


player_manager.AddValidModel( "18K Striker", "models/SD/Humans/Thugs/18k_striker.mdl" )
list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "18K Striker", "models/SD/Humans/Thugs/18k_striker.mdl" )
player_manager.AddValidHands( "18K Striker", "models/SD/Humans/Viewmodels/18k_striker_hands.mdl", 0, "00000000" )

That last line attaches custom hands to your viewmodels.

We really need an updated tutorial for this subject.