How do move a car useing the mouse?

I like to make plane and others but the only problem is i can only make them move useing the thrusters but i want to move them useing the mouse.



Like this?

this. but what you can do if you have a numpad, you can have 8 go forward, 4 go left, 6 go right, and 5 go back, so it feels normal.

i know how to use the numpad 8 go forward,4 go left,6 go right and 5 go back but the only problem is that when i add the thrusters ther both fellow what i press.

like i add a thruster for forward and add left thruster they fellow.


i bed at wiremod.

It is possible with Expression 2. I myself have made more mouse aimed airplanes than I can count. I’d guess well over 50. I’ve not duped all and I have released almost none.

Here is one (And this is probably the best one I have released)