How do people get models from other games?

In there are models from other games such as super smash bros. brawl and others. How do people get the models? Or do they remake the whole model themselves?



Some people have special devices that can hook up to games consoles, hack into games and export the models. As most models are in one of about 4 common formats, it’s then easy to convert it into a model that can be used in the Source engine.

I’m no expert on this though, so I’d ask in the model/skin section if you wanted a more detailed explanation.

They do one of 2 things

  1. What CoolCorky said
  2. Remake them using pictures as a reference

They either take the file and decompile it, or

Remaking them is relatively uncommon, although it happens with older games where the models aren’t up to par.

So when there is a model that doesn’t look exactly like the one in the game, then its probably self-made or can people steal models and make it look weird on accident? And also how do you convert it into the source engine?

Thanks again


When it comes to Garry’s Mod porting models is really popular and when a new game comes out people are hording to get all the fresh models from a new game first.