How do PvE servers work for this game?

I’ve noticed PvE servers popping up on the list every once in a while and I was wondering how exactly the PvE limitations function. I’d like to know before I start playing on one because if it’s what i’m thinking (the same game just without the ability to kill each other) then it would actually turn into a bandit’s paradise really. You can’t shoot them to protect your home so if they can still blow through a wall and get your stuff then the bandits would have a considerable advantage there. Sure, you could just pull your best stuff onto yourself to protect it that way but then if you screw something up while out in the field (get attacked while looting or stay in radiation too long) then you could still lose that stuff.

Anyway, if anyone can tell me in what ways a PvE server differs (if any) then i’d really appreciate it.

Ya, griefing has been a really big problem.

I spent about 2 hours trying to play on regular servers today. As soon as my screen loaded in, I was dying. Unfortunately, I’ve had to resort to the PvE servers in order to get a chance to even try the game out.

So I guess I can take that as a confirmation of it working the way I figured it would. I might give it a try anyway but I don’t think i’ll invest any real effort into a PvE server then. Not really worth the trouble to build stuff up if you can’t even protect it while you’re online…

A lot of people on the PvE server are actually quite nice. Many help each other and the majority of people help new players. And with the whole ‘it’d be easy for raiders’ well build a strong base and EVEN THEN you can still go into your boxes so they can’t. Multiple at your bases mean you can open multiple boxes, your most valuables. And the PvE server is a sleeper server, so they’d have to leave eventually. The only real annoyance I’ve seen so far, besides the idiotic guys ddosing the server, is people blocking in others.