How do they do it?

Can someone pass me a guide to make videos, the ones that aren’t made by pictures, they are animations that do the npc. Like this:


Or some videos in The TF2 Video Thread:

I know the use Source SDK and 3DS Max, but I don’t know what the second one is, and how to make that moves in Source games

I think Faceposer does more than just “posing faces.” If you create the animations in 3DS Max, I think you can export them so that Faceposer can understand them and use them.

I think. I’ve never actually done this. Someone else back me up/refute me on this.

There are NPC animator tools on

Yes, but I want to make my own custom animation

I don’t know what 3DS Max is, can someone tell me?

It’s a modeling and animating program you can download from the Source SDK, which can be found in the ‘tools’ section of the Steam interface

Its clear that in the second video there are custom animations. I am searching for a tutorial that explains how to make custom animations for source engine in 3ds max :slight_smile:

You can lipsync any source model using Faceposer, Its in the Source SDK.
Then you place that NPC in a map with hammer and the animation will play.
Youtube has enough tutorials on this


And it think the second one is made with stop motion.

I need a tutorial for making custom animations in 3ds max and then export them so I can use it with the face poser. I didn’t find anything about it…

I need one too!