How do u Fix the T posing, and fix weapon holding on NPCs?

me and my friend Deathlord were creating a NPC pack called Black Sword Fish Operatives, and stumbled across a bug.
so i tryed them and they stand there aiming at u but the smg1 is just above there arms not even in position and when they shoot they go in to a T shape, there weapon falls to the ground and when they stop firing it comes back up again, and i tryed to use the Hexedit and i Dont understand it at all so pls dont suggest that
if any of you have suggestions, or helpful information pls comment or if you want to fix it your self go ahead and dl it on they are called Black Sword.

they seem to hold the Shotgun pretty well but they still make the T shape

here are pictures of the errors

Well those flat weapons seem to indicate that the weapon attachment is badly oriented towards the hands.

As to the T-posing in certain situations. I think that’s got something to do with a missing anim. I’ve seen combine soldiers do it from time to time as well as a model using female animations but counted as a combine.

The game is probably expecting some extra animations which the model doesn’t have.

do you know how to get those extra anims?

Decompiling the models and then adding in the needed bones, HL2 weapons normally use the bone ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand. There’s another bone named ValveBiped.weapon_bone but is for other games like CS:S, DoD and even L4D.

Animations will require adding them in in either the .SMD or the QC files, ask Valve Dveloper Community how to add animations into the SMD or the DMX 'cause I know nothing about modelling

ok thanks we thought it might of have something to do with the models skeleton, the model probley has been rigged

The simple way would be to find the animations model in the GCF then just add
$includemodel “modelpath/name”
into the QC