How do u make a SWEP hit 3-4 times in a row?

Just like L4D 1 and 2 you can hit 180* with a melee weapon, also in Dark Messiah Might and Magic, u can hit like 3 times in a row with a sword (I MEAN U SWING 1NCE AND IT HITS 3 TIMES, 3 CUTS 1 SWING Like u slice the wall, not just 1 stupid cut or bullet hole.
IF u know how, could u pls post the code here


I think that he means when he swings his sword, he wants to damage multiple units.

Do multiple traces in different directions.

What I MEAN is, when I swing a sword want it to hit 3 times like a slash, or a line SO i dont just hit 1 small hole in the middle of the screen but a like line of 3-5 hits

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I don’t do lua so if u can, just give the code piece pls.


This is the help section not the request section.

Ok fine