how do u make an npc follow a path_corner

i want to make a combine follow a path_corner. how would i do this

You want a Combine to walk along a path? Just use scripted_sequence

Usually noob questions could be fixed by googling or searching the threads, but for fucks sake.

If you bothered to look through the NPC’s settings you would see how to do it.

In the future, google it, or try it yourself.

Then how about you tell him?

Saying it’s in the NPC settings isn’t really helpful

Make a path_corner and name it, make an npc, go to properties and go to “target pat corner” and type the name of the path and that’s it :v:
You can hold shift, click and drag a path_corner to make another conected path
If you make the paths more than 576 units away YOU MAST ADD info_node entitys along the path to help the npcs find it.

And thats why I should never give advice. Because I’m always wrong. :ohdear:

Almost all tutorials will tell you how to set the path but not how to node them…

9/10 times you don’t have to node them.

I’ve made NPC’s follow path_corner’s loads of times and I didn’t node it once.

Whether or not you need to use nodes is based off of how far apart the path_corner is…

Yes, but if you’re making a map, you are most likely to have lot’s of path_corner’s because an NPC walking along in a perfect line for 30 metres doesn’t really look right.

True, uless you want the npc to turn a corner.
Maps are always better with nodes anyways XD