How do u make NPC respawn over time?

I want zombies to respawn every 2 minutes or so to attack a fort in a map im making. how to i do this? is the a tool for it? if so wut is it called? plz post.

Thank you

I like the one below.

But the next one below has changable options like how long it takes a npc to spawn.

Try , or Next time check before spamming us with questions :3

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i looked there but didnt kno wut the tool was called so i came here

When you search you don’t exactly need the exact name of any addons, using keywords will work in this case using the following 2 keywords will show good results. Actually if you use the keywords on the site you will find more than what we shown you.

Use npc spawn as keywords.

yes i kno ive been using that for months now…i didnt kno wut a keyword 4 it would b… but thx anyway

No Problem - saying it in full so whoever is rating us as bad spelling will stop.