how do u work AI enhancement?

well i downloaded a Ai enhancement mod for npcs and it dosent work i dont know how to work it i installed it as he told me too did is do something wrong? here what i did iextract it to addons and copy the file to lua to lua and i pasted it and i played it no effect i didnt see citizens taking cover while reloading or grabing weapons off the ground anything so is u guys can hlep me ill be gladly to learn so plz tell me what to do so i can just play this

this is the download ive got

so plz if u be so kind if u help me out how to down load this thx good bye

I’m no admin, but I’m pretty sure that you need to go to the help forum for this kind of thing, or at least post a reply on the addon’s facepunch thread.

are you useing a map that will work?