How do we get a refund due to lack of admin action?

You have talked about how much money you made yet you cant pay someone $20 an hour to admin on your stress servers to cancel out or eliviate at least some of the frustration hackers bring? To spend hours farming or days building, only to have people repeatedly shoot through walls, or harass and stalk you on the maps, making the game virtually unplayable, should be your number 1 priority, forget how the grass looks, take care of your consumer first. If you have an automated system run it every night. Allowing players to change their names at will through the steam client to try and hide or mock other players is a real let down on your part. You should be embarassed. Yet you have no problem in bragging about how much money you have made and how many copies of the game you have sold. Use that money to pay live admin to police your game. if you have banned thousands of accounts at $20 a piece, then you have thousands of hours of pay to have someone help. Most businesses wont change until money becomes an issue. I’d like to think you have an actual solution, otherwise you have sold the players a false bill of goods, The Alpha excuse does not work when you are charging people to play the game. We pay for a service and if you don’t fulfill your end, we should have the right to get our money back. Can you outline how we would put in a request for a refund?

Play on the Community Servers, play on the Modded Servers, or buy your own Server.

IMHO the Official Servers should be renamed **Test **Official Servers because that’s what they are.


Let me recommend a server to u good sirs : UK5 (Stress Free)
An extension of the official servers, but with active admins, enjoy.

It’s your fault you bought the game when it was in alpha state. You should expect these things, especially when it’s as popular a game as it is.

Plus you can very easily just go find another server with an active admin in the modded or community tab.

Did you read Steam’s and Rust’s terms and conditions before clicking accept? Alpha excuse does work very well, you’ve been warned at every step. You’ve, presumably, read it, understood and accepted.
We are not consumers - we are testers that wanted to test the game so bad we payed for it.

This thread needs closed IMO, before crybabies get here.

‘Stress servers’? They seem to have given you hours of frustration - does what it says on the tin, IMO!

You don’t need to have your Rust purchase refunded, you just need to buy a clue to go with it and get onto one of the recommended community/modded servers.

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That horse bolted before the OP even got any responses though…

Yup, now just the dilly-dallying before it ACTUALLY gets closed, hmmm!

You pleb. The service they offered is the chance to play a buggy incomplete game, which they warn from the beginning. You cant now complain when it has everything they warned you about. Do you ask for your money back from betting shops when you lose cos thats not what you wanted to happen. grow up

I legitimately lost IQ points on this post… Your going to complain about the TEST servers when there are hundreds, if not thousands of public servers out there. You also realize that this is an Alpha game and a lot of stuff has yet to make it into the playable build?

I seriously have no sympathy for people who buy an ALPHA game and then complain about something that is broke or doesn’t suit them…