How do we get people out of their homes?

Blueprints have to go. Period. The game should be about gathering resources, territory, control. Not newbies playing catch up getting picked off by other players who got lucky with drops. But, then why would someone not just build a town way out in the middle of no where and avoid all contact? Would make for a frustrating time if people didn’t actually have people to hunt.

So I did lots of thinking about it, and thought, hunger. Food. While you’re logged out your home degrades, but what if your food did as well? Giving food an expiration, and then upping the cost of actions taken, would cause people to need to hunt animals more.

Keep the deer in herds, the pigs in whatever a pack of pigs is called, and then very sparse chicken and rabbits out in the wild. Make food the reason that people need to leave their homes, and then make all actions cost more food, causing people the need of hunting food, giving players some where to gather or hunt other players.

I was also thinking of possibly having mining shafts in mountains, that an individual, or clan could then form wood walls around (destructible by pick axe) and they could defend it and have sole access to the materials there in.

What are your thoughts for getting players out of their homes, while giving them an area to head to?

^ I was just thinking yesterday about the food expiration. Thought about some form of refrigeration but that might be annoying to implement.

I’ve always thought of concepts like Hunger to be fairly useless. What I usually do is just go do my stuff during the day and at night when my hunger is low, instead of bothering to cook up meat, I just store my shit, suicide and respawn with my hunger back to 50%.

I agree, I built a suicide base so I never eat. By the time I’m getting hungry I’m hope dropping stuff off and I have to suicide to get in anyway so I’m back to 1250 cals. The only time I ever bring food is when I do rad town runs.

I was wondering about the Suicide option. That definitely needs to change.

Suicide is always best option. Getting rid of it can probably be disabled through admin controls, I really don’t know.

Also unless food gave a stat boost of some kind, example…

Staying over 1800 cals for 5 min will speed the swing of a hand tool. Which of course would not last very long because the more your work the faster Cals go down. Maybe even a speed increase. Nothing extraordinary but enough to beat someone to an AD if you were running side by side. Some sort of reward for eating foods.

Take a look at Xsyon ( It’s an underdeveloped indie game recently greenlit by Steam … and it has a lot of the factors mentioned by the OP (gathering, territorial control, tribal grouping, etc). While you can loot your PvP kills, what it doesn’t have is random drops that you can farm. This could be inspiration for Rust Devs and Mod creators.

Holy shit. Are they using a graphics engine from 1999?

I think one solution to this issue is make it a bit harder to lock doors. When a player closes the door they should have to use keys or an action to lock the door. This would allow people to more easily wait outside of a house and kill someone as they open and close a door, which to me sounds pretty fun. Right now it’s too easy and fast to shut a door.

Burn their houses. :v:

When I stop hearing gun shots outside my house, then I venture out. :smile:

Bad idea.
They still can be there.

…You just ruined my in-game tactic…Surprised how much it still actually works…

Better idea:
Start shooting while they’re outside.

We’ll I peak out the windows to and wait to see someone running. I guess that still isn’t fool proof though. Gotta take a risk and go out if I ever want to have weapons to fight back.

If you just want too farm, go out naked with a pickaxe.
That’s all you need, and they waste their ammo on you.

Here’s how it should be: the lower calories you have, the less well you perform actions. Maybe different levels of hunger affect it. This would mean you couldn’t do everything on an empty stomach. That means you keep suicide, and need to eat.

Also, I’ve always liked the idea of mine shafts. Good thread.

Unfortunately for the game, I agree with you, mechanics are needed to make this NOT the best option :frowning:

Why agree?
I love that. :v:

I don’t know if blue prints need to be removed from the game altogether, but there definitely needs more alternative ways to reach the higher tier equipment, than just the egg hunt for blue prints and equipment.
ie the find, learn and never forget system is flawed in games that their gaming sessions only last for half an hour or so; let alone a game like Rust, in which its session may last for weeks if not more!

Could not agree more :slight_smile:
There needs to be ways of automating your own resource collection.
ie you should be able to build buildings which gather resources by a tick rate,
as this would create a map point control scenario and give more things to fight over,
currently the lack of automation in the game leads to Noob hunting being the most my time friendly way of gathering resources
in a sense putting noobs not only at a disadvantage tech wise, but also automatically branding them as slaves to start :frowning:

Simple there is no easy accessible resources to do this atm

Ok I agree with you in the fact that this sounds all fairly realistic;
apart from the sparse chicken and rabbit populations, in my experience where ever you see one, there is a million more in the same area :slight_smile:

But I will tell you my reasons for why I don’t think the game needs this sort of reality!

Yes in real Life Food spoils, But in the game and never in reality do I remain in a coma state for days at a time on a regular basis, also sleep and coma, are two very different things!

Food spoiling will only help to widen the gap between the 24/7 players and the I also have to work in RL players as 24/7 players already have a significant advantage, the game need not increase this advantage.

While animals in RL tend towards the very large herd, in game this would only serve to give more control to the higher tier players over a basic essential resource in the game,
I agree that there needs to be more communication between the AI animals,
ie if I spook one dear, shouldn’t the other dear and possibility other species also react to this?
ie if I attract the attention of a wolf, shouldn’t the rest of its pack come to its aid or at least be a little curious?
But spacing them out over the map creates a better game balance!

Player created control points on the map, would only add the the game imo :slight_smile:

definitely a good theory :slight_smile:

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Well I have to agree :slight_smile:
because it is the best tactic in the game!

Going out harvesting in the nude is the safest and most efficient way to harvest resources in Rust, the current game mechanics make it this way.

even though in RL, attempting to chop down a tree, with my wang in the breeze :stuck_out_tongue:
would never occur to me as a good idea let alone a safe one.
The current game mechanics make this a good idea and imo the only true in game option!
Therefore as it is the only choice that makes sense, it then removes itself from an option and becomes a game forced way to do it! :frowning: