how do you add custom ammo to the f4 menu in gmod dark rp?

I’m trying to add custom ammo to the dark rp f4 menu so everyone can buy because I got customiseable weapons and I want to have ammo for them but, it has its own ammo Ex. a Five-Seven ammo is 5.7x28mm. Can someone please help me I suck a Lua and I really want it to work!

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There was a thread about this. Arghh . . . I can’t find it. It was about putting 357 ammo in DarkRP.

That dosent anwser my question!

More like

He’s asking a question, not requesting someone to do it for him, tard.

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He makes it seem like that but he really just wanted the code and wanted to know where to put

yea ur right im new to lua i just spent 3 hours changeing the css relistice wepons shipment to customizeable weps shipments

use mad cow… there so much better… if u want i can give u the code to add the ammo

Please do and tell me where to put it and i chose customizeable weapons bc u can put attacthments on i just nee the ammo code for the f4 menu

looking for this?