How do you add people to Assmod?

Well, i got my own server. I installed ASSmod and I got myself in the system with ownsership. But! i cannot get my friend into the member group permantally. He shows up in the \garrysmod\data\ass_rankings.txt… This is what it looks like.

			"noclip"		"1"
		"name"		"The Singularity"
		"Id"		"His Id here"
		"rank"		"5"
		"name"		"[EB] Ghost :D"
		"Id"		"My id here"
		"rank"		"0"

And yet he is a client as soon as he joins. The only way i can make him member is from the ASS menu while ingame… Then after he dies he goes back to client. I need major help with this. I have try’ed reinstalling ASSmod but this doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?

Change his rank. Or set him as admin ingame, make sure you hit the option that doesn’t say temporary…

I don’t have the option of temporary or not temporary. Is that a plugin?

It came with ASS mod when I downloaded it :raise:

I checked after you told me. I’ll redownload it becuase i don’t have it. I might have removed it not knowing. If i can’t seem to find it. Could you host it on filefront so i could get it? Remember to remove you’re admin settings if you were gonna do so. haha :slight_smile: But ya, I’ll look again.


Alright, I seem to have gotten it. I don’t have the temporary admin option still but i was able to get my friend into the system. Thanks!

Change his rank, don’t tick temporary.

Ya, that’s what i did. I just changed his rank number.

Apparently AssMod doesn’t like you doing anything though the files. Its best to do it all in-game.