How do you ban a player who is not showing up as a player?

So a hacker joined my room a few days back, he was not in the player manifest. he basically didn’t exist on the server but was still running around and spawning in items (explosive charges) and greifing players. So my question is: Is there a way to ban people outside of the games ban command function? normally the player needs to be in the game for the ban command to even work. so how to I keep this fool from getting on my server??

When he’s on and griefing, temporarily set the server to PVE and turn fall damage off. He’ll get bored and leave to find another server.

I assume you are talking about the players that join the server with the name cheat, where they have no name, right?

If you shift + tab to the steam overlay and click on “view players” then “current session/game” it will show a list of all players connected to the server (if steam is actually working right at the moment). Open up their profile. In the address bar for their steam profile will be a random set of numbers.

Copy those numbers and go to and paste that ID into the field. It will pull the account information for that person, and on the 2nd or 3rd line it will have their steamid. Then you can go into your server and open up console and type banid “steam_0:1:xxxxxxxxxx”. then restart your server, and they will be gone.

and yes as the person above me said, turn off pvp right away so everyone doesn’t lose all their stuff.