How do you beat this?

Im a pretty big noob but on the way to a good start. I’ve landed on a nice little base, 4 foundations, all metal doors, just got the blueprint for a 9mm. However, I have a real jerk neighbor who is always shooing at me with m4’s etc…

Well last night he chased me down and was yelling at me via real voice and this morning when I logged on, he built a foundation (which I thought wasn’t working currently) outside of my entrance with 3 walls (using my door as the 4th.) So He has successfully locked me into my house. Ive got enough food to live in there essentially forever, but that’s not ideal. I don’t have any c4, obviously like I said Im a pretty big noob, Ive only been playing for 3 days.

Also, he doesn’t seem like the kind to just let his little crafty work decay. Especially since he is only a 45 second run away from my house.

Is there any way around this? I can break the walls because I don’t have explosives, and ideally I don’t just sit in my house and eat every time I play rust.

contact the admin and tell him that someone griefed you. maybe he can help you

Do official servers have running admins?

Yep, I’ve had this happen to me before. I suicided and moved across the map and had to start over. It sucks but there isn’t anything stopping this for now. I learned how to build better to help stop this kind of thing. But yeah, cut your losses and just move. Now that you’ve got the ropes you’ll get started and settled a hell of a lot quicker than before :slight_smile:

Build up another floor and put a door on the outside, drop down, farm some wood, build stairs to said door and then place walls around it and build a foundation infront of the door on the ground floor with a pillar in every possible place.

Put your stuff away. suicide. build a mini bunker in the rocks somewhere. Raid rad town till you get some c4 and blast your way in to get your stuff late at night

Chuck Norris 360 spin kick the walls, and knock him the f**k out

put a ramp in front of ur door. i dont think u can then place a foundayion

Unless an official server admin helps you, which is almost non-existent, you’re SOL.

I would use every ounce of my energy to get strong enough to demolish your neighbors house, Kill him. Then replace his doors with my own. NOTHING WOULD STOP ME!!! muhahaha…err sorry got carried away.

Yep. My only real complaint with this game is that it draws some of the most twisted people … dude griefs me constantly, have no clue where he’s coming from, he doesn’t even raid me, just builds shit around my base to make it difficult to get into. Spends a ton on wood doing it, too. When I’m actually in game, he constantly tells me he’s going to fck me and asks if I want to suck his dck. It’s really annoying to have to break through spike walls, etc., every time you log onto the game…he’s very creative. I figured eventually I’d get all the vulnerabilities ironed out or he would grow tired, but after two weeks that doesn’t appear to be happening. Pretty sure he does nothing other than log on to grief me.

When you make your base, add a few rooms on the second floor for another exit.
When you add another door, make sure you add another room and create another door … you want them to use 4 c4 to get in. Since the door basically allows them 1/2 c4 discount, just create another room and another door so they have to blow 2 doors to get in.

Ideally, you want at least 5-7 metal doors in between you and the outside world … OR … 3 solid metal walls between you and the outside world. Make extra exits on 1st floor and 2nd/3rd floors.

Send me a PM.

Try a new server with better players I guess lol…

Not sure how … thanks for offering though LOL …

Yeah once home ownership is in place this will probably be less of an issue, i hope.

Until then he griefed you and you will need to re-setup somewhere. Either that or switch servers with active admins that boot people for griefing or assist you by removing the structure blocking your way.

According to the Trello, I believe house ownership will not give you constant control over your “house”.

It looks like all it will be is a short window of time when you can pick up a building piece that you just placed, in case you put a pillar in the wrong spot, or something.

I don’t think we’ll be able to make massive edits to our houses, besides, how am I supposed to steal someone’s house if they can just dismantle it all around me? Seems lame…

Learn from your mistake and place a door on a foundation that can not be added to making it virtually impossible to trap you in the base. To do this build into the hill until you can no longer place an attaching foundation.

I am not saying the person is not a dick, I am just saying dicks are part of rust in more ways than one and it is better to learn ways to deal with this than complain. In fact complaining to the person will only feed them the tears they desire.

I believe your are correct, which is why I said I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

This is also why I always build 2 ways out of my base, and usually put a 1or2 doors on the 2nd level as I have had my base griefed outside and in.

I posted this idea on another base building thread but I will supply it here to OP in hopes it will help him in the future.

A very basic base that requires more c4 to break into and should keep you safe for some time is a simple 3x3 with a twist. Here is what I do:

Table of context: S = Stairs, D = Doors, $ = Stash room, P = Pillar


I each room has a doorway and metal doors up to keep it isolated, however you can put wooden walls up instead if you don’t need the space as a decoy room. The middle is where your stash is kept as it will take a min of 4 C4 to blow into the stash room.

The multiple stairs is so you always have 2 ways up into your base for general defense and for griefing. The pillar is encase you get another A-hole who knocks down your stairs and then puts up a ceiling so you can’t get to the upper levels of your base again. The pillar prevents this from happening and the doors on the outside on each floor is encase you need to through loot out in the case your base gets messed up

If you can’t get to any of the doors, the house will start to decay in 24 hours. Walls should be the first to go(I think, might be the ceiling)

I’d look for a new place and just wait for something to open enough for you to get in, grab yours stuff, move, then put a doorway and wooden door in so he doesn’t know you’ve moved.