How do you begin creating addons?

I am wondering how to start, is there anything i have to follow in order to expect it to work on S&box when it realeases…?
I just don’t know how to check if something works, and yet people are making addons for it RN
Just please clarify that for me, i would like to start making my own projects for S&box.

People are mostly guessing what to do or working on an abstract way. But nobody can verify if their code works right now. All they can do is guess. For starters I would recommend checking the wiki and seeing all the examples right there, should be enough to get you started.


As Cracken said (for most code) there isn’t really a way to test it.

Only thing you can really do is look at some of the code that facepunch has released and you can get a pretty good sense of how the gamemode works which won’t be too different to addons (I would assume).

If you want to have a look at some facepunch code have a look here


Makes sense, Thank you!

In addition to the dm98 code, there’s also a snapshot of the base gamemode available here (accurate as of March 23rd 2021), containing a great deal of context for dm98 and providing a better insight into how gamemodes function.