How do you begin to make a SWEP(or anything else)

I made a thread like this a couple days ago but didnt get much help

I have no LUA altering/making software but I want to make a weapon i have tried to take the jihad bomb simply open it and remove the detonation sound but it met with failure

I have no Lua knowledge at all so please dont use most terms
Im not looking for something hard like a whole nother gun but mabey take a gun alter the sounds things like that untill I “know my stuff”

so mabey if anyone could point me in the right direction mabey help me if I have questions

I just want to learn how do to this :slight_smile:

for example the battering ram in Dark RP servers

Lua can be made with any text editor, or if you prefer a more user friendly editor, get BLua.

Lua is a programming language, I’ll try to find you a book or something on it. Worst comes to worst and there are no books on it, the language is similar to C, so if you get experienced with C it would be easy to adapt to lua.


Here you go.

That book is available on the internet. (Not the latest revision, but you get the idea)