How do you block access to the console in a server?

Yeah, me and some friends got a server up, but we don’t want non-admins to be able to buddha and noclip and give themselves items and whatnot, so what can you do to deny non-admin/superadmins access to the console? I would assume there’s a command that can just go into the server.cfg file, or can admins type in a command in-game to deny/allow access to certain players?

Also, now that I think about it, is there anyway to know for sure that one of us is an admin? Because I honestly can’t tell, the server owner can kick but when I tried it said it couldn’t find the user (I know I typed it in right cuz the kill command worked on them) and I’m supposedly a superadmin/admin. Also, everyone can use the same commands as everyone else. So yeah I just can’t tell if any of us are actually admins, and I think the user.txt may just be misconfigured.

You could use an admin tool such as Evolve or Exsto instead of the base stuff. There are several out there.


Those are just a few. thought the first 3 are the most popular

i love evolve

Ok, we got ULX, so how do you deny access of the console to the “user” group, or even just to individual people? The admins are the only ones that can use the ULX commands, for the most part, but I’m fairly certain everyone else can still use the “kill” and “buddha” commands. So yeah any way we can set it like that?

sv_cheats 0
sbox_noclip 0

Does sv_cheats dis/enable buddha and kill?

Sorry, just wanna make sure.

It will disable buddha. For kill you’ll need to use a CanPlayerSuicide hook and return false.

I personally think disabling Kill in console is rather dumb, as it’s very useful in just about gamemode if you’re stuck or something similar.

Yeah they can still kill themselves but not someone else. Which was the problem.