How do you block certain console commands ?

hello basically people have been using some command that gives them superadmin and i want to know if some could tell me how to block certain commands e.g. Debugcmd from being used ?

don’t install backdoors?

I would suggest you check out this thread to learn some more about backdoors and what addons could be backdoored.

And no matter what you do, do NOT download this addon! It’s filled with backdoors and lua viruses!


It’s the durgz/drugz mod that’s making the debugcmd, by the way.

well i’ve downloaded every mod with the title “no backdoors”

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thanks i’'ll have a read of this and get back to you.

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i’ve had a quick look but i dont have any of the mods listed on their

Woah there I’d be a bit more careful about downloading that many random addons if I were you!!

thats not my collection btw and i’ve fixed it , it was the blood and crips player models that was the problem , thanks for the help bro