How do you call a spawn for an ADDON (that is contained in a GMA)

If I wanted to spawn a vehicle like a Photon Lighting Engine car, how would do I that in my script? 'm not sure how to reference the table path when I use it (it can’t find the lua/autorun/photon (says bad argument)

local vehicle = ents.Create ("prop_vehicle_jeep")
	ent:SetModel ("models/sentry/caison_fire.mdl")

What am I leaving out here? I know this is simple…

Is this “Photon Lightning Car” a custom entity or just a model?

Both. It has its own scripts that contain settings for flashing lights for RP and so on. Extremely detailed, the developer did a fantastic job. Check it out and it doesn’t cost 19.99. Link

It’s not a custom entity, it’s just somebody made a fancy lights system for existing vehicles models from TDM and co.

To spawn cars with the lights you will have to use whatever the functions for that are that the mod adds. Look through its source.

I am thinking

 ent.VehicleTable = list.Get("Vehicles")["photonnameyouwant"]

is what I want…