How do you change gamemodes with assmod without restarting the server?

i REALLY need help (and i hope this is finally the right place to post this) on how to change the gamemode with assmod PLEASE help!

Whatever the command for RCON is “sv_defaultgamemode gamemode” and change the map.

Hi, im new to ASSMod, and i do not know how to add my self as an owner…
Doesn’t work in the console so i tried looking in the files and did not find anything.
Please help ASAP my server has no protection because i cant give people Admin.
If anyone could help me get myself owner That would be Great! Thanks

Okay scalver type,
rcon_password (your password)
rcon ASS_giveownership (Person) 0 for owner, 1 for super admin, 2 for admin, 3 for player, 4 for guest.
Not sure on the ones above 1 but I just use the 1st 2.