How do you change mic settings?

Im new to rust and whenever i talk no one can here me so… how do i change the settings? Sorry if this has been asked but i cant find it.

Did you set it up properly or enabled it ?

I don’t believe there are any at the moment. Try right clicking and checking out your Unity settings to see if you have Microphone & Camera enabled.

Unity seems to grab microphone information from here:

Set your default microphone / communications microphone in your sound options.

When I press f1, I see this.

Unity, and USpeak by extension (this is the voice chat plugin used by Rust) will use whichever audio input you have set as the Default (in Windows, in Recording devices you can select a device which is connected and enabled and click Set as Default, this will cause Unity to use that audio device by default).

Unity does support using different audio devices, besides the default. It would be nice to see some kind of dropdown in the Sound options for which recording device to use, and maybe even a Test button so you could click Test, talk into the microphone, and End Test to hear what you said repeated back at you, so you could check and see if your microphone is working.
On a side note, I’d also like to see volume sliders for incoming and outgoing voice chat.