How do you change names?

How do I change the name of a player in Gmod so that people can see them as a different person?

What do you mean by “a different person?”
You mean the player model?

If you read it properly, he wants someone’s name to change to someone else’s name / a completely different name.

[lua]RunConsoleCommand( ‘setname’, ‘namehere’ )[/lua]

Something like that I forgot what exactly it is

It was “setinfo name YOURWANTEDNAME” but garry removed it.

Silly impersonator bastards.

Stealin’ mah name!

Not really. You just have to spam it, because Garry’s “fix” is spamming setinfo on clients to reset their names to the original ones.

Nope that doesn’t work.

Has a real fix now.


Instead, override player.Nick and return whatever you want. It won’t work from clients obviously, and you’ll need to network names from the server.

Yes, but he also put “so that people can see them as a different person” - That could mean player model too.

But I guess you were right.

  • Hope your problem was solved. :slight_smile:

Can you give me an example?

DarkRP has an example of it, if it’s serverside.

[lua]_R.Player.OldNick = _R.Player.Nick
function _R.Player:Nick()
return self:OldNick()…" is a faggot"

Couldn’t you still change your steam name?

Yeah, but if you want to do that via lua you need a module.

thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile: