How do you change the gamemode?

How do you change the game mode default?

Go in cfg/server.cfg sv_defaultgamemode “your gamemode” and then go in cfg/autoexec and put sv_defaultgamemode your gamemode and also you need to put your gamemode in the gamemodes folder.

Just put this in the command line you use to start it:

+sv_defaultgamemode “gamemode”

Make sure the gamemode matches the title of the folder.

i tried that faze and it just said it made it sandbox

Show me the contents of the /gamemodes/(whatever gamemode) folder. Take a screenshot. That’s what I’ve used for 2 years to start all of my gmod servers. Never had an issue.

well im in my cmd line changer and i cant put in my command or im doing it wrong. :\

Ask your host’s support to change it.

Go into game.cfg and put
sv_defaultgamemode <gamemode>
sv_gamemode <gamemode>

kk just got internet back and ill try that comp.