How do you completely reset Garry's Mod?

I have been trying to reset the game to make it as if brand new due to problems in-game that i can not find solutions to. So i have tried things such as uninstalling game from steam and deleting the entire file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod and then reinstalling. Anyway nothing i have tried seems to work to get it as if brand new. So can somebody please try to help me out?

Thank you.

Turn off steam cloud (click the game in steam, properties, updates, turn off steamcloud), then delete the game, then delete any remaining files. Then turn steam cloud back on.

Have you tried right clicking on Garry’s Mod in your library and clicking ‘Delete Local Content…’?

Go to your library right click Garrys Mod then properties and the in the updates tab disable the steam cloud

EDIT: Damn it people are too fast :3

thank you all so much this really did help me out a lot.