How do you deal with games installed from Microsoft Store

This is driving me mad…All I am trying to do is to copy some of the game files from the ‘WindowsApps’ folder to a different location so that I can try to extract the files. First I couldn’t even open the folder where Windows install games by default i.e. ‘WindowsApp’ folder. However on reading up, I have changed the ownership of the folder and able to access the folder. Now the problem is that when I try to copy the content to a different folder, I get a message that I will need to ‘provide administrator permission’ to copy the file. However clicking on continue just gives me the same message again and again :frowning:

I remember opening up 7zFM with admin rights and browsing the folder with that. I’ve changed around small details of applications using this (like the application icon)

I am pretty sure I have admin rights, problem is that most of these folders have a ‘lock’ icon, cant copy any such folder to to other folder locations…I am able to open such folders in the WindosApp folder but not able to back up/copy anything :frowning:

wasn’t hard

But then these files are locked :confused:

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Looks like it’s probably changed with new builds of windows

would then suggest the more simpler method