How do you debug your (serverside) code?

Hello Facepunch Sirs,

recently I started coding for GMod again after taking a lövely break. But the one thing, that still annoys me about GMod coding is the debugging.
I can get around with reloading the map or lua_openscript everytime I change something, it takes sometime but I’m ok with that.
But somehow I’m quite unable to simulate a server environment with just a normal GMod client. Sometimes it works, sometimes it wont, it really is getting on my nerves right now.

The only possible solution that I can currently think of, is having an own installment of srcds on my computer which would take diskspace and performance I don’t have.

So my question to you, fellow Facepunchers would be:
How do you debug your serverside code on your local machine?

I’m sorry if there is already a thread about this, but somehow I’m unable to use the search currently.

Installing SCRDS is the only proper way. It barely takes up any CPU at all considering I doubt you’ll be running more than what, six players, absolute maximum?
Either that or try the “Start Multiplayer” option, that sort of does a crappy simulation of a server but you won’t get results that are 100% accurate to how it would appear on a dedicated server like you would with SRCDS.