How do you delete maps?

Apparently you keep all the maps and models you get from multiplayer games, and over a while I have about a hundred useless maps, so I as wondering how in the world do you delete them!? I’ve gone through the normal path like programfiles/steamapps/username/ etc… but I can’t find where to delete maps.

\steam\steamapps[your username]\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps

Delete the .bsp’s you don’t want.

Well, nothing seems to work, I navigate to the maps withing garrysmod/garrysmod but when I hit the dropdown menu for maps all I see is graphs, maps, and souncache, should I click on the maps within the maps perhaps? (That really wasn’t meant to rhyme haha)


actually if I click on graphs, I see al the names, but they are AIN files, is that the same thing? can I still delete them?


Ok, well I deleted a lot of names from the list of maps, that were AIN files, but I still see that I have 114 maps… :stuck_out_tongue:

What? I’m pretty sure you’re misunderstanding. The directory is supposed to look something like this:

The .bsp files are the maps. Mind posting a picture of what your folder looks like?