How do you disable client undo all?.

Because I’m sick of watching my server crash because people cant be bothered to remove their contraption slowly and instead decide to delete that 200+ prop contraptions (with around 300 welds because they use smart constraint) instantly with the click of a button.


i dont think that’s possible, and wrong section, please snip.

How is this the wrong section?.

Install a prop protection system, SPP for example.

I have SPP installed and AFAIK you cant prevent people from using the client delete all button.

Wait, the client delete all button crashes servers? If it’s that big of a problem, you could just take it out of the sandbox code.

Yeah thats what I was considering but I don’t want to break anything else in sandbox, so I was hoping there was another way of doing it.

It rarely crashes servers, but when it does its because someone spawned some massive contraption that has a lot of welds and props, and the instant removal causes the crash.

Oh right, i thought you were talking about the cleanup EVERYTHING button. Sorry.

Just edit sandbox

You can get rid of the spawnmenu if you want, but i’m not sure if that’s what you want. ( I say get rid of, but I mean disable )

If you do a server update wont it go back to the original?

I think it does, although im not 100% sure

But just have an extra copy somewhere of the edited lua files and then every time you do a server update, copy and paste them and replace the ones that have been changed by the update

I really just want to disable the “Undo All” button for the client area.

I don’t think it’s possible without re-coding the VGUI for sandbox…

base a gamemode off of sandbox, take sandbox’s vgui function, edit out the button

Theres no hook for it?.

No, because it’s in the sandbox VGUI

copy sandbox folder name to darksouls sandbox or what ever edit gamemode profit

Not really helpful.

How so I told you how to disable client undo all simply edit out of the gamemode