How do you disable "game over" Scripts in the Source Engine?

Hello to the wide world of facepunch

I am a Garry’s Mod NPC firefight addict, and I recently found the wonderful Episode 2 mod, Outpost 16

The opening map looks like it would be a great one for NPC fights, but the player is confined to a ledge overlooking the action and every time you try to noclip around or jump off, you get the “pause and fade to black” that happens in Episode 2 when you get too far from Alyx on the driving bits.

Is there any way to turn this action off in the developer console?

It’s built in the map, with a trigger most likely — try to kill them via ent_fire

(you’ll have to look for the trigger name yourself though, but ent_fire allows you to cycle through all of the entity names and usually the level designer names them appopriately)

Try this:

ent_dump *

This will list all the entities on the map. I think they list the targetname and classname of entities, but I’m not entirely sure if they do both or which one they would do. I think they do both though. If you see any trigger_multiples that look like they might relate, do:

ent_fire entitynamegoeshere kill

If all else fails, try:

ent_fire trigger_multiple kill

That will kill every trigger in the map though, and is bound to cause the map to break if there’s triggers used in the map.