How do you disable shipment weapon display?

This is what I want to disable. The floating guns that tell you what’s inside the shipment:

Go into DarkRP > Entities > Entities > Spawned_shipment > init.lua

find this

 	local weaponAng = self:GetAngles()
	local weaponPos = self:GetAngles():Up() * 40 + weaponAng:Up() * (math.sin(CurTime() * 3) * 8)
	weaponAng:RotateAroundAxis(weaponAng:Up(), (CurTime() * 180) % 360)

Play around with it until it does what you want. Keep a backup file just in case.

Sorry but that didn’t work:( The gun was floating in the middle of the box, and you couldn’t get guns from shipments anymore.