How do You Do It?

How do you guys deal with Trouble in Terrorist Town?

I mean, the gamemode is fun, and I can have tons of fun with my friends, but it just always seems to be ruined by power-tripping mods and admins. I’ve only just started playing 2-3 days ago to pass the time, and I enjoy it, but every fucking server is just the same: kill an admin because I saw him shooting someone for no reason, then get slayed. Ask him why, I get banned.

Worst scenario just popped up for me a few minutes ago; shot a traitor in the head with my Deagle because I saw him snipe someone. I checked his corpse, yep, traitor. Then he ‘exploded’ me with a command. I asked why the fuck he did that, he said “because you’re a fucking RDMer,” and then permabanned me.

I just want to find a good server. Vanilla mostly, maybe with 1-hit knives, and competent staff. But they’re either filled with RDMing children or power-tripping admins.

How do those of you who frequent TTT deal with this or find good servers? It just seems impossible because the community is almost as toxic as fucking League of Legends.

Sounds like that server was a “buy admin” based or the owner has some incompetent staff.

You’re better off making your own server, but don’t make your friends admins just because they’re your friends.

If you don’t have competent admins, let them learn the more about the game.

Go around servers until you find a community that suits you.

It all depends on the community, I tend to (try) keeping mine chill and go by warn-slay-ban. Other servers with buy for admin and etc. don’t really care. They’re just in it for the money.

Although advertising isn’t really allowed, may I suggest my server? :smiley:
(I know, it’s mostly empty and sucks ass, don’t need to tell me)

Me and my friends deal with it by making the best of the situation.
Pretty much 99% of all german ttt players are total retards, so we just go on german servers and have some fun with them.
I’m sure that can be done with people from your country as well. (if you are into making fun of people online)

If you want to seriously play ttt you either need a good recommendation or have to dig through all the dirt to find a gem.