How do you do lua animations?

Hello coders and gamers!

I need help (at least from the coders): I need help with a addon. How do you exactly do LUA animations like: the dance animation (act dance) and stuff like that, I would need help with doing like a choke with your hand, so if anyone knows how to do it. Please leave a comment down bellow!

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Point is I want to make a animation…

ply:ConCommand("act dance")

Works like a charm.

Ryan, that was not my point. My point is: “HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM”

No need to get tense man, just trying to help you.
‘How do you exactly do LUA animations like’ <- this sounds like you want to play animations like ‘act dance’ as you mentioned above.
Anyways, read this:

I am sorry Ryan…

But thanks will check it out

I iz sorry my friend

Pretty sure Jetboom released an API a long time ago to make it easy to do.

Edit: Found it. Hopefully still functional.

Greetings, I will try it!

Update: works, but how do I get into LUA? The ‘paste raw lua to console’ Button doesn’t work

It’s cool man, no worries. Can you elaborate on what you mean ‘paste raw lua to console’?

Greetings Suggested Jetbooms API. I used it and now I can’t get it to print in console, I made a simple animation.