How do you edit NPC Scenes?

There’s a STOOL called “Npc Talk” that has several pre-rendered “scenes” you can make the NPCs say.
Is there a way to edit the words that each scene says,I.E. a scene where a rebel says,“Freeman,Over Here!”
change it to say, “Freeman, you suck!”,or whatever? The “scenes” are VCD files. I wanted to ask a question here, before I request it. Ultimately, I am looking for a “type and talk” method of scripting NPCs.

A great STOOL would be one that you could select an NPC, type a few lines of dialogue, choose a voice, and hit Go,and the NPC says what you just typed. ( a simplified version of SDK Faceposer).

You can edit the dialogue and face position easily if you have the files it needs.

This is not possible with lua alone AFAIK, you can do the dialouge with text to speech but a module will be needed.

You would need to make your own VCD. If not someone comes up with a module to create lipsync and whatnot using lua.

Yea, that will not happen anytime soon.

Ok. Thanks.