How do you enable rcon?

Guys I need some help. I need help to enable rcon on my server. I am trying to change the settings such as Sleepers & Crafting Time but I don’t have rcon access at the moment. I try to log in but it says that rcon isn’t enabled.

I am also trying to change the name of my server so if you guys know the commands I would appreciate some help with that command as well. I can’t find anything on the forums related to this or the Wiki.

If you bought it from go to your control panel then go on your servers Config file. In there you can change your servers name, rconpassword, type of server (sleeper,pvp etc)

he doesnt have

Using another provider, my cfg file does not have that much commands,
can you list your cfg please, much appreciate it !
(looking for way to change name and set it to PVE)

Same here I’m using another provider.

Was there any answer on this?

Seemingly, for now, most of the host’s have to change the name for you. So make a support ticket. ( I did )
The Rcon password should be set in the cfg file, rcon.password “” (your pass goes between “”)
and the Rcon is the current F1 ingame, writing rcon.login <password> ( more commands here )
My provider wrote to enable/disable PVE, you putin the cfg: server.pvp (with true or false)

im using and im wondering how i can change the playerslots. I might be stupid but i dont think i have access to the server.exe itself i do everything from their CP. I have access to the config file though. Is there like a line i can add?

Thx in advance

—Edit— Now i know i am stupid :stuck_out_tongue: It was just a matter of adding

// Max Players
server.maxplayers 150