How do you even eyes?

I’ve been trying to release a model I made for Gmod as a ragdoll and I have everything working… except the eyes. And oh man, have I tried to get the eyes working. I read that the iris is stored as a seperate decal texture, but I can’t figure out how to get it to use that texture. In HLMV, it doesn’t even say it’s using the texture or even that a texture is missing. Here’s my QC:

Any ideas? I’m using blender with BleST. I can provide anything necessary to fix the issue, source files, images, info, anything.

EDIT: Did more research, updated my qc to match. Now I have a specific question: How to I get it to export with the iris/eye texture in blender?

EDIT 2: I got the texture to work, but 2 issues: no cubemap, so pink textures on the eyes, and two, I can’t align them properly for the life of me. Is there an easy way to align the eyes?

I’ll offer the help people gave me, when I had similar problems. Warning: My problems were never solved, and I to this day I couldn’t get eyeposing to work in SFM.
So, to rephrase, I have no idea what I’m talking about, just copypasting what others told me.

So, first thing, you need these 2 lines before the $model definition(dunno if matters)

$attachment "eyes" "bip_head" 0.005 -9.477 182,376 absolute
$attachment "mouth" "bip_head" 0 -9.7710991 175.42592 rotate 0.0 0.0 0.0

I was specifically told that a mouth attachment is required, But it’s likely that that’s only true for usage in Source Filmmaker.
the coordinates of the “eyes” attachment needs to be between the 2 eyes.(select both eye meshes and read the coordinates, at least thats how it goes for 3ds max)

About aligning, the eye coordinates need to be the precise middle of the sphere of the eye. If you have a hemisphere, you still gotta find the same coordinates as if it was a normal sphere. (if it’s sphere, just select it and you got the coordinates, if it’s hemisphere, select 2 adjacent vertices on the flat side of the hemisphere)

As for pink textures and lack of this-and-that-maps, I recommend you copypaste someone else’s eye .vmt’s
Also, most models I’ve seen used eyeball_r.vmt and eyeball_l.vmt, instead of iris, don’t know if matters, almost certainly not.
That’s all I can give ya, good luck!

Also, one way to see if the eyes function somewhat properly is to see if they follow the camera in the model viewer.

Alright, I’ll try getting the eye texture from the valve models on there and see if it removes the checkerboard. As for the eyeballs, I’ve got them in the right place, and they follow the camera, but there’s some weird lazy-eye issues. What values should I adjust to align the irises?

EDIT: Okay, no more pink! It was the ambient occlusion texture that I needed to define! But OH GOD WH-

Please help me fix this oh god

Success, the problem is solved, hooray, hooray, etc.

I thought using one texture for both eyes would work but mmmm no. Turns out source needs the two eyes to be two textures because it renders the eye on ALL SURFACES WITH THAT TEXTURE. But the right eye works now! Hooray!