How do you export custom GTA vehicles into Garry's Mod?

I am doing a project that requires a 1967 Pontiac LeMans.
I searched everywhere, and all I could find is a 1967 Pontiac GTO for Grand Theft Auto, which would do just fine, since the front end is nearly identical.

The author of this Mod is hard to contact, but said it is fine to mod his stuff, as long as,and I quote:

"you can do it if you follow these simple rules:

  • Include the original author’s name (Turpuli) in your read me
    • Include the link to original author’s web page in your read me (
    • If you’re planning to make money on the final “product”, please ask me before doing anything with this mod (I know I’m very hard to contact but I can’t really allow commercial use without me knowing it)

So, mod away! =) "

Here’s a link to the GTA version.

How does one convert GTA cars to Garry’s Mod?


First you go to google. Then type in Blender 3D. Then Cannonfodder’s Studio Compile, then how to convert GTA models to obj’s or 3ds’ then learn how to…

EDIT: Nevermind. The importer was for GTA VC, plus it didn’t work on newer versions of blender.

Get a tool to open San Andreas’ files, find the car, export it into a format that something like Autodesk 3DS, Milkshape, Blender, XSI can use etc. I’ve never exported anything from SA so I can’t help you there.

You need to get StudioCompiler and the fix for it. Download Source SDK off of Steam in the Tools tab and have it set on the Half-Life 2 Episode One engine with Episode One selected. Install StudioCompiler to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*STEAMUSERNAME*\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin. StudioCompiler can compile models and materials for the Source engine, as well as decompile so you can edit them. You don’t have to use Episode One, but I use it and I can’t be bothered to explain how to use the Orange Box one, although it’s really simple. Ep1 models work in higher versions of Source engine anyways (Including L4D) so Ep1 should be fine.

I personally recommend Autodesk 3DS Max 8, but if you can’t get it that’s fine. There’s SMD importer and exporter plugins for a bunch of programs. Get this Source scale reference .OBJ I made for you. Nearly every fucking 3D application in the world supports .OBJ so it should be fine. You’ll need it, because chances are SA’s size of shit is very different to Half-Life 2’s size of shit. For 3DS Max, I like using StudioCompiler’s SMD import/exporters, but there’s also wunderboy. Wunderboy’s and CannonFodder’s. If you got Max 8, the 6/7 plugins will work for it. Here’s Blender plugins

Now that you got a 3D program and exported that car and scaled it properly hopefully, export it as an .SMD. You’ll need a .QC to compile, this basically is a text file that you can open in Notepad that holds all the model’s information, like where the materials folders are and where the model folder is. That reminds me; to apply materials in something in Max, minimize the folder that has the picture in it, then drag and drop it into Max onto the model. Really simple.

Back to the QC, use this and edit it to your liking. I put comments (anything with // is a comment and will not affect the compiling process) to help you if you want. If you already know how to compile shit, that’s fine. It’ll help somebody else.

//Modelname is the name you want. "dean/car" means the model will be called car.mdl and it will be in the dean folder. Make a models/dean in steamapps/***STEAMUSERNAME***/half-life 2 episode one\episodic\models. Of course, don't name the folder dean unless you want to. My name's Dean. :)
$modelname "dean/hat"

//Most cases, just leave scale to 1.
$scale 1.00

//Leave this too.

//You might have the most trouble with materials, I would imagine. models/gta/pontiac means that there is a folder called GTA in materials/models, and another folder inside GTA called Pontiac. Do NOT mix up pontiac for being the texture name. Don't delete "models" either, that was a silly mistake I made dozens of times. Doesn't matter what the folder names are as long as you remember them. If you don't make the folders in episode one/episodic, you'll get errors and most likely will not compile. 
$cdmaterials "models/gta/pontiac"

//Body is the .SMD you're using. Basically, for a prop, just use the same SMD for everything. There's exceptions, but that's for more complicated shit.
$body "Body" "C:\Documents and Settings\Dean\Desktop\example.smd"
$sequence "Idle" "C:\Documents and Settings\Dean\Desktop\example.smd" fps 30 ACT_IDLE 1

//Surface prop is what the decal is and the sound of when you shoot or drop it. If you pick plastic, it will make like a concrete shooting decal on it when you shoot it and sort of sound like a milk carton being shot or whatever. If you pick weapon, it will sound like a weapon. Pick metal, it will be metal. Pick watermelon, it will be squishy etc. See below QC for link to all the surface props you can have.
$surfaceprop "plastic"

//In most cases, unless you need a complex physics model, you should just use the main .SMD as your collision model
$collisionmodel "C:\Documents and Settings\Dean\Desktop\example.smd" {

//This is the mass. Basically, the bigger the number the heavier it is. 100's good for like smallerish shit.
	$mass 100.000

List of surfaceprops you can use
List of errors and fixes for those errors for different programs if you run into any.

Hit compile and if you did everything right it should look fine, but I just can’t help with SA porting. I can with GTA IV, but yeah. K hope that helped.

One thing that needs to be noted, some of the custom GTA cars are too high poly for Source and might require some optimizing before they can be compiled.

Maximum is around 70,000 polies, I think.

I ported a bunch to Source, at least 5 of them were way too high poly. However I can’t remember their exact poly count. D:

Thanks for the info. I am not a modeler, so it would take longer to learn how than I have… but i will use this for future reference.
The author already had the 1967 GTO in Garry’s mod, and I PM’ed him.


Here’s for Vice City:

OH MY DEAR LO… is this drivable?

Not sure if it’s drivable…but it sure is pretty.

Shame…would be cool.

Okay, I know this is old, but I didnt want to start a new thread just to ask “Is there any tutorial on how to make drivable vehicles for gmod?” Thanks. Obviously I found this thread because I was searching for a tut…
I want to make this drivable:
Making it as static prop is kinda useless…

I know i bump this, but can someone please desribe how you do the wheels? and please don’t send the wiki for attachments, because i can’t figure it out.

I can see my car without wheels in gmod, just fine. But i really need the wheels:(