How do you extract models from an Xbox 360 Disc?

I have loads of Xbox 360 games and I’ve seen XNALara and GMod files of stuff like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Batman Arkham, etc…

How do you do it?

I tried putting a disc into my PC to see what’d happen and it loads a short video saying basically to put the disc into a 360. I’ve googled a couple of tutorials but they involve downloading ISO from torrents and loading them to the DVD Rom, haven’t done any of this mind as I have the discs but I was wondering if anyone could spare the time to post an idiot’s guide to porting a model from a game I’d be extremely greatful as it’s all very confusing to a total newbie. I do have a copy of 3DS Max that I’m learning how to use so I have some basic 3D skill :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

My understanding is that Xbox 360 game ripping is a complicated process that depends on how old the game in question is, due to Microsoft changing the security model on discs. The discs are designed to be unable to be properly read by conventional DVD drives.

Depending on the game you either have to buy a certain model of 360 DVD drive that has been re-flashed with custom firmware or disassemble a standard DVD drive and use a program to produce a rip of the filesystem by swapping a normal DVD with the Xbox game.

Alongside what The100MegaShock said, some games have been reverse-engineered such as the Halo series, but that was due to such a high demand for assets from the games and large group collaborations.

Games with less interest are generally not worked on, although some tools such as Umodel for Unreal Engine games do work on their respective games (EX: Umodel was able to unpack Gears of War files).

It all depends on the engine and whether or not someone broke down the disc format for that game’s engine.