How do you extract models from Killing Floor

Hi, I want to extract gun models from Killing Floor to make sweps, what would be the best tools to extract the models and make them work with gmod? ~thanks


Would 3d ripper DX work fine?

It would but using UModel would make your life easier

Ok so I have my Killing Floor Knife arms in 3DS max and Im about to export it, would I export it has a SMD and do the sequence and refrence?

the origin is pretty fucked up so becarefull

$origin -2 4 2 -90

Oh also do I have to rig it?

From the looks of the bottom left view no.

mmmm with GUISTUDIOMDL, when I locate my EP1/BIN it says that the file “gameconfig” isn’t there when I have EP1 installed, Source SDK, Source SDK base 2006/2007 . Without this I can’t compile >.<

Just compile using orange box it worked fine for me

alright then, here is going to be my qc for compiling.

$cd “C:\kf_knife\compile”
$modelname “weapons\v_kf_knife.mdl”
$model “studio” “kf_knife_reference.smd”
$cdmaterials “models\weapons\v_models\kf_knife”
$surfaceprop “default”
$illumposition 8.418 -2.675 -4.874
$origin -2 4 2 -90
$sequence idle “idle” ACT_VM_IDLE 1 fps 12.00
$sequence draw “draw” ACT_VM_DRAW 1 fps 45.00
$sequence stab “stab” ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1 fps 35.00

Anything else I should add/edit?

Looks Fine

Wow I don’t have any of the sequences… mmmmm so do I have to now rig my model with those bone things and animate the stab,draw and idle O.o?

it DO has the anims looks like you dident import them

Lol, Ok I used UModel this time and now I have all the bones and animations. Ill recompile and save all those animations and compile. Ill show you the final product

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Ok here is the final product.

There’s the knife. But the position on the screen isn’t that great.
Also how do you make the knife use textures for the hands and the knife itself?

Here’s my Qc
What should I edit?

$cd “C:\KF_Knife”
$modelname “kf_weapons\v_kf_knife.mdl”
$model “studio” “kf_knife_referrence.smd”
$cdmaterials “models\kf_weapons\v_models\kf_knife”
$surfaceprop “default”
$illumposition 8.418 -2.675 -4.874
$origin -2 4 2 -90
$sequence idle “idle” ACT_VM_IDLE 1 fps 91.00
$sequence draw “draw” ACT_VM_DRAW 1 fps 17.00
$sequence stab “stab” ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1 fps 29.00
$sequence stab_miss “stab_miss” ACT_VM_MISSCENTER 1 fps 23.00
$sequence midslash1 “midslash1” ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1 fps 23.00
$sequence midslash2 “midslash2” ACT_VM_HITCENTER 1 fps 23.00