How do you feel about the new Garrysmod update?

The latest Garrysmod 12 released by Garry is now out and just tell us what you think about it.

You mean the one that doesn’t even start?

Yeah, I get “HL2.EXE has stopped responding.” every single time now. Deleted all my addons, reinstalled it, etc.


I have only noticed that more things is broken.

My spawn menu is fucked finally, I cant spawn things at all.

How do I feel about the Holocaust?

It keeps putting me in widescreen mode, when I keep setting it to 4:3.

Thats the only way I can run GMod on this piece of shit computer.

Yeah. It keeps setting my resolution to something wacky and I have to keep re setting it.

Works fine for me.

Broke a lot of stuff just for multi-core rendering.

Updates break anything and everything so stop bitching about it.

i cant join most servers it just connects and automatically disconnects. i can go on some but not most of my fav ones

Mine starts, I just can’t join any servers.

Invalid steam key size, I restarted steam/gmod and everything.

I know that but this one broke more significant stuff, you can’t even use the wait command.

I am not a troll nor try to be one, But I purchased Garry’s mod 10 on steam. Now how do I get Garry’s mod 12?

I am Garry and I have used this awesome feature in Source that makes Garry’s Mod better than everything in the world. :downsowned:

I don’t like that update very much.

It sucks.

Cant mount shit.

This update is the abomination of all updates, that I have ever witnessed.

yea its broken alright but at least when i hit cntrl alt delete and then click cancel after my error comes up i can still play

and most servers you cant even join anyways gives you a steam key size error only some work cause they havent offically updated yetnot even to the newest source engine 2010